Monday, 25 October 2010

Our website has been up and running for a month and receiving a high volume of visitors.....

The curious thing is that the UK Hispano-Árabe owners who have for so many years complained that they wanted independent representation have as predicted by BAPSH they wanted independent representation have as predicted by BAPSH continued to sit back and not respond!

We have had enquiries from owners of recently imported horse which despite coming from Spain had not been registered with UEGHá.

That is not an obstacle because in 2006 when the Studbook was being transferred there were a number of ranches in Spain that had not stepped into the registration system. To deal with all the horses that are about that are without question Hispano-Árabe but whose papers/documentation had anomalies on them, UEGHá created an Auxiliary Registry...effectively a current open equivalent to the original Foundation Studbook that the Cria originally entered the foundation  horses onto 30 years ago and then closed.

Now the significant thing about this Auxiliary Registry is that not just the recent imports here have the opportunity of being inscribed and assessed for breeding stock eligible for the Main Registry, BUT  all of you here in the UK owning horses that in the past were registered as partbred Arab or whatever due to personal politics or choices in the past, can now enter your horses to this registry for incorporation as Hispano-Árabe stock and be graded at the time for approval to breed registered stock just as Piyayo was assessed years ago.

AND...... this registry allows the correction of errors that have been made in the past regarding the % Arabian blood in stock. There are horses that have been bred in the UK and registered as partbred on the grounds that the ratio of Arabian : PRE blood was outside the 25:75% banding. These horses should not have been precluded from registration and grading, the % ratio is only a marker to help give flexibility in the grading assessment while the breed is being regenerated. So any horses here in the UK falling into that category, likewise should be put forward for the Auxiliary registry.

We are working towards UEGHá coming over next year to carry out any grading, inscriptions etc to bring our stock back into the mother Studbook system. It is no good sitting back and waiting till they are here to decide to turn up wanting your horse registered, they need returns this year to indicate the extent of our situation and plan exactly what we want from them. Many of the existing horses that have full breeding details, blood typing, etc but simply not  registered with Spain may only need documentation transfers and in most cases will go straight onto the Main Registry. BUT it needs starting NOW.

On a slight tangent; we have had enquiries coming through with interest about the fact that we have included the Tres sangres into our set up. In Spain this Anglo of the Hispano-Árabe is registered with the CDE Spanish Sports Horse Association; however, it is the Anglo of our breed and while owners may elect to register it where they like, we felt that it should somewhere have the space to be recognised for what it is just as the Arabian acknowledges its Anglo!

Like its parent breed the tres sangres/AngloHispano-Árabe has been the subject of much confusion and curiously in this country the odd parties believing they invented them! Since Spain started out with the original horses to create this cocktail they obviously got there first and have years of experience mixing it up and testing which combinations work!

Its a terrific blend and without wanting to scupper our expansion of the Hispano-Árabe we do hope that those who like a bit of Thb in the mix will be interested in these horses and somewhere helping to get them recognised with this opportunity for their own register.  

To this end I have recently spent a lot of time translating Spanish data and revamping my web info to include expanded information on the tres sangres