Saturday, 21 May 2011

To Flourish the Hispano-Árabe Valiantly Battles on

Welcome to the International Hispano-Árabe Community  
First off let me say that Worldwide there has been a massive and positive interest in the Hispano-Árabe Breed and I have been staggered by the extent of interest and the range of countries closely following the progress of our work with UEGHá to open the doors for the expansion of this wonderful breed of horse. To all of you around the World; welcome and hello, I wish you all the best with your various equine endeavours.

In Europe, our sister agent in Germany has started to receive from Spain full passports and registrations for their stock, including back issue passport documentation, and next month will host the UEGHá delegates to grade their horses; thus permitting the continuation of their breeding programmes.                        

France has a strong interest in this breed of horse for Le Trec and in that pursuit, keenly watching the establishment of Stud Book agents for UEGHá and the breeding of these horses for the purchase of their own suitable Hispano-Árabe horses. In this respect with an eye to the future breeding in France they are looking at stock which is appropriately Stud Book registered.
A number of other European countries with very small numbers of these horses are presently under the wing of other registries but maintaining or looking to establish Stud Book registration with Spain and in the future hope to establish independent agents for the breed to liaise with UEGHá. 

I think the furthest outpost for the breed is dear Anita, valiantly rallying the Australian contingent of Hispano-Árabe horses and likewise seeking direct agent status with UEGHá to facilitate the continued Stud Book registration, grading and breeding of their Hispano-Árabe horses.

We even have a large contingent of followers in America, who have by the very nature of the country’s history been pro-active breeders and supporters of the Hispano-Árabe horse for possibly as long as it has existed. ..... for the uninitiated; since  the diversity of breeds of horse in America are founded one way or another upon the early Conquistador horses and subsequent Spanish settlers with their horses, both Pure Spanish and Hispano-Árabe horses have flourished independent of the Stud Books in Spain. Many bloodlines while ‘pure’ have physically evolved in response to the climate and cultural work requirements of America with slight differences to the breed criteria required by Spain. As a result of this America has several registries/Stud Books for both the PRE and Há, recognising this divergence; and at the same time expanding to include registries affiliated to Spain to facilitate those owners/breeders wishing to be Spanish State Stud Book registered.

To the Protagonist:

I will state now so there is no misunderstanding; the write up I am about to post is in response to the fact that here in the UK for some unexplained reason there are certain unknown parties, working extremely hard to stop the continued breeding and Stud Book registration of the UK Hispano-Árabe horses. 

Whether this is through their total ignorance (I say this because they do not seem to have the ability to read and comprehend anything published so far and apparently are somewhat incapable of directly contacting us to clarify any questions or misunderstanding they have), or they have some personal agenda that necessitates the prevention of Uk breed stock being registered in the only existing Stud Book (this assumption arising due to the fact that they are actively and maliciously trying to insight another organisation; which does not have jurisdiction over Spain’s Stud Books, to prevent the establishment of a UK Breed Society agent for the Hispano-Árabe). 

Here in the Uk while we have been breeding Hispano-Árabe horses for 30 years, we do not have the grounds that America has to establish an independent stud book; therefore for any horses of this breed to be classified as Hispano-Arabe and registered as such it has be done through the appropriate Breed Stud Book and that is held in Spain by UEGHá.

As our shameful protagonist is apparently uninformed about what a Stud Book is, I suggest they read Wikipedia, and as they are constantly on the phone to defra seeking help in their attack on the Hispano-Árabe they should be aware that by defra’s own guidelines ‘The rules of the society of the origin of the breed are paramount for that particular breed and is therefore essential for everyone to know which association or organisation maintains the Studbook of the Breed’.
The Studbook for the Hispano-Árabe is maintained by UEGHa  based in Spain and as such in no way under the jurisdiction of defra( who incidentally have a strange notion that if a breed is not registered with the Rare Breeds Trust then it cannot possibly warrant special consideration for protection…for the uninformed:.The Rare Breeds Survival Trust deals with breeds Native to the British Isles and as they rightly point out they have no jurisdiction or involvement with foreign breeds!)  

In acknowledgement of the fact that the authority for Studbook registration of this breed is UEGHá, Defra has already in writing notified us that they have no requirement or necessity to be involved in our role in establishing an agent for UEGHa here in the UK to facilitate the Studbook registration of the Hispano-Árabe and negotiate representation for the breed in the UK.

Any horse breeding venture is a huge commitment and not something one should take on if they are not prepared to recognise and accept that breeders who work with purebred animals generally try to breed and raise specimens which adhere to the breed standard as closely as possible and pass grading approval designed to protect the integrity of purebred animals and their heritage by ensuring that only the finest representatives of the breed are identified fit for breeding. The breed standard and grading for the Hispano-Árabe is that established and applied by Spain through UEGHá. 

Here in the UK there are breeders and owners who do value their horses and the investment they put into them. To that end they do want their Hispano-Árabes to be Stud Book registered carrying the appropriate documentation and not placed on some other organisations register as a partbred (other than possibly for dual registration purposes). 

For the benefit of the dissenters: you are free to choose how and where you register your horse whether it is as a Purebred with the appropriate Stud Book (which I reiterate is held by UEGHá in Spain under the authority of MAPA, The Spanish Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs who at International level have established the Hispano-Árabe as in need of special protection; hence the concern that this breed is properly managed and Stud Book registered) or you may list your horse as a partbred in any society registry that accepts non pedigreed horses. You do not have the right to endeavour to prevent owners and breeders with integrity from having their horses entered in the Pure Breed Stud Book. Nor do you have the right to falsely sell unregistered stock as being Stud Book registered when in fact it is not on a Stud Book but simply a register denoting it as a partbred of an organisation.

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