Sunday, 31 July 2011


A breed registry also known as a STUD BOOK or register is an official list of animals within a specific breed whose parents are known. Animals are usually registered by their breeders when they are young. ...... I know many of you reading this are thinking I'm insulting your intelligence!

Unfortunately here in the UK two organisations the AHS and BAPSH seem to have problems with the idea of what a STUD BOOK is. They are still confusing the special concession of PIO (passport issuing office) that defra handed out all to easily in the past with what defines a Stud Book, specifically in the case of these two organisations they only recognise the UK defra authority which sadly seems Stud Books and equine passport authorities in other countries apparently do not exist!

Here is the revelation: other countries do have passport issuing authority for their equines and there is a little matter of international law ( yes AHS and BAPSH there is a bigger axe out there that all horse breed organisations and defra have to comply with)  that governs who exactly can inscribe what breeds of horses and who legally can complete all sections on the passports for those breeds. Once again for the ever so slow learners that are blissfully ignoring EU law; Pure Breeds of horses are to be inscribed in the appropriate Stud Book and the Hispano-Arabe is ranked as a PURE BREED.

The AHS can ONLY inscribe pure bred Arabians ....... it can not under EU law inscribe pure bred foals of another breed, it can dual register them but has an obligation to ensure that those horses are correctly inscribed to their own pure bred stud book, which in the case of the Hispano-Arabe is held and controlled by UEGHa in Spain (and has at present appointed two agents outside of Spain; Anja Manthey in Germany and myself here in the UK, to promote and facilitate inscription of Hispano-Arabe horses outside of Spain) .

BAPSH in fact contrary to misconception is not a Stud Book but an agent acting for ANCCE to help inscribe into the Spanish held Stud Book all PRE horses born in the UK. The defra issued PIO status is nothing to do with the pure bred horses but a means of provinding passports for the partbreds produced by PRE horses. Ironic that it is another agent for a pure bred Spanish horse breed who is obstructing the opperation of UEGHa in this country and to date failing to comply with any requests conected with the UK Hispano-Arabe horses?

To date regardless of Spains requests for 2011 expected foal returns resulting from coverings involving either PRE or Arabian horses these organisations have not  responseded and despite being fully aware of EU directives for pure breeds to be inscribed correctly may already have inscribed this years Hispano-Arabe foals into their own part-bred registers.

 But here is the rub... the ultimate arrogant power crazed nonsense is the refusal of official requests to grant exchange of  DNA data to validate pure bred Hispano-Arabe foals with parents from either of these two breeds. The owners of pure bred Arabians and PRE horses paid their money for those DNA tests to be carried out and held on a database to help validate foals produced from those pure bred horses. They did this in good faith never realising that their breed society could then execute their own active disrcrimination to refuse access to that data for foals to be appropriately inscribed.

As defra is at present reviewing the PIO status in this country and how it is opperated perhaps it is also time that they look at centralising the DNA data bases under defra control to insure individuals do not abuse their position, as is currently the case whereby registries can deliberately stop foals being legally inscribed into Stud Books and by their actions cause additional costs to owners who have to carry out repeat DNA tests when maliciously discriminated against in this way.