Thursday, 29 April 2010

Census Request

Update : we are now officially registering Hispano-Arabe UK for the stud book registration of our breed so contact me !

UEGHa' has now requested an official census advising them of the situation regarding our Hispano-Arabe stocks in this country.

I have repeatedly requested compliance from BAPSH regarding the existing data on past and present registrations in order to help trace horses/owners that are no longer in contact or even aware about what is going on. So far this organisation has not responded.

Having said that, thank you to those who have contacted me direct. To those owners still hanging back, now is not the time to sit and wait for events. It is happening now!;

Contact me let me have full details about your Hispano-Arabe incl about you, where you are etc, are you wanting your horse inscribed into the stud book, passports overstamped, grading, planning on breeding ...anything and everything please.

Anyone planning on putting Arab mares or Pre mares in foal this year to produce Hispano-Arabe foals for next must let me know so I can advise UEGHa' of the potential stock requiring inscription next year.

Anyone who has horses registered as partbred that are PRE x Arab regardless of % (ignore 25 - 75% bar) or that have questions regarding pedigree due to Ha' import lines..please get in touch with me as now is the time that consideration for these horses to be brought onto the parent stud book; but only if I have your information to give UEGHa' so that they can plan accordingly.

Potential buyers: sorry but I do need to advise that you be cautious as there are unscrupulous sellers jumping on the 'rare' tag to bump prices! Check the papers and if needs be speak to me to cross check and seek advice that the horse is bred from approved parents, may be already registered or one that potentially can be inscribed, it may still need grading ..all factors to consider when buying and more so if you want to consider breeding later on. Above all do not buy for rarity/novelty value.
Use common sense and value the animal for its conformation, temperament and function. These are magnificent horses and it would be appalling if the breeders and owners who have integrity in what they do are tarred with the disgraceful grabbing mentality of a few owners.

Publicity : May issue  The Arabian Magazine  will be featuring a write up on the Hispano-Arabe to help promote what we are doing, and I will be submitting further write ups so if anyone is doing something of interest with their Hispano-Arabe horses please get in touch for inclusion in future publications.

Bravery, Intelligence and Sense of Humour this wonderful film clip of Jesus Morales Hispano-Arabe Halcion says it all about this wonderful breed, if you read the write up attached to the film it has a link to another film of horse and rider giving an exhibition of Garrocha; note the reins are tied to the Jesus Morales waist.