Tuesday, 15 February 2011

2011 NEWS

New Start and Steady Progress Forward


UEGHá  is now looking at what needs to be done to sort out the UK stock born since 2006 that are not Stud Book registered. The passports issued by BAPSH in the interim years, while valid under UK regulations and providing a safe record of data, are not valid EU Stud Book documentation for Pure Bred Hispano-Árabe horses, and if retained only identify those horses as BAPSH part bred stock.

ANCCE already had to recall temporary UK passports issued by BAPSH for PRE horses bred in the interim  period of the PRE Stud Book being transferred.

UEGHá is starting similar procedures to recall the UK Hispano-Árabe passports and inscribe owners stock into the State Stud Book and re-issue correct Internationally recognised Pure Bred passports appropriate to the breed.

If there are any UK Hispano-Árabe young stock registered with other organisations since 2006 holding part-bred passports, ie; Sports Horse or AHS registered, then please get in touch with me now to arrange for inscription of your horse/s into the Pure Bred Stud Book for this breed and provision of appropriate passport.


UEGHá  is visiting our sister Stud Book representative in Germany to grade their stock in June 2011. They have offered to then come here to the UK to grade our Hispano-Árabe horses.

If your Hispano-Árabe regardless of temporary passport status) is approaching breeding maturity 
ie; 3 to 4 years plus, I do need you to let me know if you wish to apply to have your horse/s graded this year.

There are a few horses that are already being bred from without having been graded. These horses need to be submitted for grading, once approved, any existing Hispano-Árabe offspring can be submitted for consideration to be inscribed into the Stud Book retrospectively.

FOAL BIRTHS for 2011

Please can any owners with Hispano-Árabe, Arabian or PRE mares expecting Hispano-Árabe foals this year, 2011 births, please contact me now. UEGHá needs to have an indication of the number of foals expected in order to be ready with the appropriate microchip and inscription documentation.

Regarding approved vets for completing passport silhouette and information forms, we are not tied in the same situation as the PRE regarding use of only specified vets. UEGHá has taken into consideration the problems this can cause for owners and are doing everything they can to work with us to provide access for State Stud Book registration.

You may use your own vet for the completion of passport identification papers, insertion of microchip and extraction of DNA sample. I would however, urge you to ensure your vet is more than fleetingly experienced with completing passport identification papers and that you impress upon him/her that the documents are for an International Passport and State Stud Book records, not a UK identification passport.