Sunday, 2 October 2011

Onwards and Upwards

After the disgraceful conduct of two breed societies here in the UK to prevent the inscription of Hispano-Arabe foals into the Purebred Stud Book we are at last moving forwards thanks to the work of the UEGHa to bypass the block these two societies put on the use of DNA for parentage validation. Quite simply the breed  expansion of the Hispano-Arabe will go ahead but BAPSH is now excluded from involvement with this breed while the Spanish Arabian Stud Book will furnish the required validation data for the Arabian side of our UK breeding.

The UEGHa has also gone to great trouble to establish laboratories in Spain prepared to carry out the DNA tests using hair samples rather than blood thus making it a lot easier for meeting the postage/shipment regulations regarding tissue samples as well as easing concerns of breeder/owners not comfortable with blood extraction from youngstock.

As part of working with the UEGHa to role out the International breed expansion service we are at the moment working on translations of forms and supporting information for the various services required to inscribe Hispano-Arabe stock. To facilitate speedy turn-around of passports there is a necessity for veterinarians completing inscription documentation to provide signature samples; for use on the UEGHa software to produce the final passport. As soon as this particular translation and updated form is approved for use we will be seeing our first inscriptions from the UK since 2006.

The only unfortunate news update is that after long consideration the UEGHa has declined opening the Auxiliary Registry of the Hispano-Arabe Stud Book to horses outside of Spain. We submitted to them a test case application of a very beautiful Spanish breed Hispano-Arabe (UK imported mare) that had not been inscribed to the Stud Book when she was in Spain. Despite producing stunning Hispano-Arabe foals, that we had hoped to subsequently see inscribed to the Principle Registry, it is now not possible for her and other Hispano-Arabe equine expats of Spain to be considered for inclusion in the breed programme. A great pity and loss as there are across Europe some exceptional performance Hispano-Arabes  ( that do credit to the breed. Our thanks to the UEGHa for taking time to seriously consider our request.

The UEGHa is, as previously stated, working on setting up an International section to their website to meet the needs of the countries around the world enquiring about breeding and inscribing Hispano-Arabe stock produced in their own countries while working to facilitate immediate requests for inscriptions. To help facilitate correct submissions and thus speedy inscription the services of Hispano-Arabe UK are at the disposal of countries other than the UK until such time as those countries can establish a permanent liaison of their own.