Friday, 25 November 2011

First Inscriptions at Last.


Now that DNA validation is sorted Hispano-Árabe UK has been busy finally getting our two beautiful 2011 foals inscription documents completed for the UEGHá.  We had hoped that a recent imported filly would likewise be eligible for inscription. She is the offspring of an Auxiliary Registered Hispano-Árabe mare imported from Spain, but her sire is Pure Arabian. Unfortunately any horses entered in the Hispano-Árabe Auxiliary Registry can only breed with Hispano-Árabe horses (not PRE or Pure Arabian) to have their foals eligible for inscription in the Stud Book.

Fortunately the lovely ‘Hispano-Árabe’ foal is not ‘lost’ to us as we have now established an affiliation with the Sports Horse Association for issue of their Identification Documents for Part Bred Hispano-Árabes and Anglo Hispano-Árabes/Tres Sangre. These horses can now through Hispano-Árabe UK be registered with the Sports Horses Association; as they are in Spain and Portugal, but with documents that carry our company registration and pedigree record (including DNA data) specifically identifying them as either Part Bred Hispano-Árabes or Anglo Hispano-Árabe/Tres sangre.

It means these horses hold Internationally recognised identification for inclusion into the Sports Horse Association abroad should they leave the UK, and can be submitted to the Sports Horse grading on maturity to become fully accredited within the Sports Horse Association. The Hispano-Árabe filly from the Auxiliary mare while not approved to be inscribed or used to breed Hispano-Árabes within this Breed will be registered as a Part Bred Hispano-Árabe (with full pedigree) and can be graded as a Sports Horse and used to breed Tres sangre horses for sport.  

Apart from safely incorporating our Part Breds and Anglo stock into the Sports Horse Association we should not forget that while our Pure Bred Hispano-Árabe does have its own Stud Book for inscription the breed is also recognised as a top Sports Horse in Spain. It would therefore be more prestigious and sensible for anyone owning a registered Pure Bred Hispano-Árabe to consider dual inscribing their horse as a Sports Horse rather than as a ‘part bred’ to some other breed society that does not acknowledge the importance of these horses as a breed in their own right.


On the International front we have been working with several other countries planning their future Hispano-Árabe breeding programmes within the regulations of the Spanish Stud Book in order to inscribe their horses. For anyone looking at breeding Hispano-Árabe horses using a PRE parent, please ensure that the PRE horse is approved for breeding under the regulations of the Spanish Stud Book held by ANCCE. You can validate this by checking the data held on the web stud records

Then, most important: PLEASE ensure that if you use a PRE stallion you receive the ANCCE issued covering certificate for PRE approved stallions. On this note I urge PRE associations around the world to comply with their Stud Book regulations and issue the correct covering certificate when PRE stallions serve Pure Arabian or Pure Hispano-Árabe mares. The stallion returns that are sent through to ANCCE mean that the PRE Stud Book can notify the UEGHá of expected Hispano-Árabe births; and owners of resulting foals can send in their part of the covering certificate to the UEGHá when requesting inscription of the foals.

We have had a long few months working with breeders in the USA to help facilitate the inscription of the first USA born Hispano-Árabe to be inscribed as a Pure Bred with the Spanish State Stud Book. Hispano-Árabe UK will be forwarding the completed service request and supporting documents shortly.

Until an agent co-ordinating inscription requests for the USA is established and fully operational, Hispano-Árabe UK will continue to work with USA and Canadian horse Breeders to collate and submit service requests to the UEGHá to ensure inscription of their Hispano-Árabe horses.

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