Wednesday, 29 February 2012

SPRING 2012 Stud Book Inscriptions

2012 Foal Inscriptions 

As Spring arrives and new foals appear, please ensure that if you have bred a Hispano-Árabe foal; that you send the covering certificate foal return in to me/Hispano-Árabe UK if you want that foal inscribed into the Stud Book for the Hispano-Árabe breed.  Your covering certificate may have been issued from either the AHS/Arabian or BAPSH/ANCCE PRE Stud Books depending upon the stallion involved.  If you return the foal notice to either of these Breed Societies your foal can only be registered by them as a partbred of their breed. 

There is only one legal Stud Book for inscription of Hispano-Árabes and that is held by the UEGHá in Spain. Only they can issue completed passport documentation validating a horse as a Hispano-Árabe and inscribing it into the Stud Book for that breed. The authority to do this has never been delegated to either the AHS or BAPSH or any other organisation.

In the UK requests for this service to be applied for from the UEGHá are processed and forwarded through Hispano-Árabe UK.  You can after correct Stud Book inscription dual register your Hispano-Árabe as a partbred Arabian or partbred PRE or better still a Sports Horse! 

But first and foremost please get it inscribed in the Stud Book for the breed!

At this point in time while other countries are establishing their inclusion and recognition into the UEGHá Stud Book, but not as yet able to establish an agent/representative within their own country, Hispano-Árabe UK has extended its service to aid in facilitating inscription of foals by breeders from foreign countries.

USA Recognition

The UEGHá at a formal level has officially recognised the USA into the Hispano-Árabe Stud Book and marked the inclusion of America with the inscription of the first ever American bred Hispano-Árabe to be included into the breed Stud Book. 

"REAL ROMANCE" (pronounced "Re-al Ro-man-say" in Spanish and meaning "Regal Romance") was bred by Kathy and Ken Towery  and foaled at their Stud in New Mexico: Rococo Sport Horses formerly Romance Arabians,  last Easter Sunday 2011.  REAL's sire is the black PRE stallion CONQUISTADOR Xll and his dam a black purebred Arabian mare; Virginia City A.

This stunning little colt carrying the prestige of America as the flagship for USA Hispano-Árabe breeding has been purchased by Nicole Hill of Suspension Sports Horse in Texas and we wish them all success for their future together.

Future Registrations for USA and Canada

If there are any 2012 Hispano-Árabe foals whose owners are interested in applying for inscription of their foal into the Spanish Stud Book for the breed, please get in touch with me/Hispano-Árabe UK. For now I will act as agent for the USA and Canada to ensure you submit the correct documentation for your horses to be inscribed by the UEGHá.

I am working with two lovely ladies; Nicole Hill in Texas (Suspension Sporthorses, ) and Debbie Ewing in Canada(Lucero Hispano-Árabes , ) to establish them as the future agents working together to represent both the USA and Canada. 

While they familiarise themselves with the protocols and procedures, and establish contact with any necessary associations or breeders to ensure the establishment of a permanent organisation for the Hispano-Árabe breeders/owners of USA and Canadian bred stock; all applications I handle will be copied through to these ladies to help train and familiarise them with the inscription process.

In the meantime we would like to gauge the interest and put breeders in touch with both ladies so that you can all be part of development of your future Hispano-Árabe association as well as for each of you to help spread the word to other interested breeder/ owners of Hispano-Árabe horses.

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